Here are my latest adventures

Visiting my fanclub inSault Ste Marie!
My favourite tea party, ever!
My buddies in Beautiful Broken Hill, Australia.
I just love the wild, wild west.
I really enjoyed meeting mes amis à Montreal!
My favourite recipes include maple syrup. Here I am teaching a cooking class how to make my famous maple syrup cookies! mmmmm
Toronto is full of festivals all summer long. I was invited to attend a really fun one at Harbourfront.
Check out these pix of me walking on the wrong border, the one between Mexico and America!

I had a wonderful adventure in Regina, the Queen city where I visited the RCMP headquarters. Those men in red are so handsome!

This is a video of my crowning moment in Ottawa! It was shown on a big video billboard in downtown Toronto!
This is a video of my celebrity tour of Toronto! It was sooo much fun cruising through all the multicultural neighbourhoods in my white limousine.

I never miss Its Your Festival, Canada's biggest birthday celebration in Hamilton, my hometown!

Here I am in the Saarland, Germany. The mayor introduced me to the wonderful people of Göttelborn! I am on their city's website doing my best to represent Canada.
In Frankfurt I gave out delicious maple syrup cookies and Canadian souvenirs to tourists in Romer Square. Everybody loves wearing Canadian flag tatoos!

Here are some pix from my first trip to London, England where I visited Canada House. They sure know how to treat a girl at the Savoy! I had such a great time!

I had the pleasure of representing Canada in Dakar, Senegal. People were so nice there! Check out these wonderful pictures of me at the presidential palace!